Volunteermatch, Flex Your Power, Power Surges, and Ts

[VolunteerMatch - Where Volunteering Begins.]We’re working hard to get more folks involved in our project. We have a listing on Volunteermatch and would love interested parties to sign up and help with information and CFL distribution.

This morning Nate and I met with Flex Your Power to discuss publicity and exchange ideas. They’re a great resource, and we’re looking forward to collaborating with them.

I received an email today from a San Francisco resident concerned with the possible occurrence of a power surge when lights are turned back on at 9pm the night of the event. Earth Hour in Sydney (the event which inspired ours) didn’t experience a surge when their lights went back on. We’ve spoken with PG & E, and they don’t anticipate a surge here either.

Thanks to Nick Rubenstein, we’re finalizing our poster and t-shirt designs. Nick’s come up with some fantastic images!

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